Control Compatibility

The excellence of the RCL engineering team ensures every spotlight, present and future, is designed to support global control standards; offering maximum flexibility for the specifier. DMX compatibility provides the user with effective control over spotlight movement, dim levels and iDirect’s intuitive Scenes function. Whereas DALI based installations allow the user to precisely dim the spotlights. These options sit alongside RCL’s own remote control and the award winning iDirect app.


Beam Quality

Continuously following market trends, RCL strives to deliver the best possible product to market. Careful attention has been given to the beam quality to offer best possible light distribution and colour rendering. A variety of beam distributions is offered including a much sought after 6 degrees, covering a wide range of applications. Lit content will pop under RCL’s standard offering of 90CRI ensuring all colours are brought to life; perfect for museum and gallery applications.


Hospitality Focused

Hospitality is a space where content is continuously on the move to suit changing environments. Luminaires are often installed in high, out of reach areas causing an issue when they need to be repositioned or dimmed. With the ability to control these luminaires simply using a handheld remote, the problem is eliminated. Luminaires can be easily refocused within the new space creating an effective new lighting scheme instantly for no added expense.

Lighting content from a distance can be challenging as commonly offered beam angles will tend to wash the subject in light as they are too wide. RCL’s offering of a rare 6 deg beam allows content to be lit accurately, precisely and effectively, even at a distance, perfect for hospitality environments.


Remote Control


With RCL’s unique remote control, creating the perfect lighting scheme has never been so easy. Selecting, focusing and dimming RCL’s range of luminaires is all possible through the use of the handheld remote. Intuitive in design, the “target” button triggers the laser pointer used to select a fixture. The LED indicator on the spotlight will illuminate red to indicate selection before the control’s arrow buttons can be used to pan and tilt the selected luminaire. Dim levels can be specified through the use of the controller’s display, while the remote also facilitates the recording and playback of positions stored in memory. Global control of memory and dimming commands for all luminaires in a scheme is also possible through the two global buttons located on the remote.



Colour consistency is of course vital to any application, and RCL ensure that this need not be a concern. Mixing Cree LEDs from two separate 1/8th ANSI bins in each fixture head ensures colour consistency across the range of RCL fixtures. RCL offer three colour temperature options as standard in their LED portfolio, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.


Award Winning App

iDirect, the perfect companion to RCL’s range of spotlights. Using a DMX signal, iDirect offers a variety of options designed to enable quick, effective alterations to an RCL lighting scheme. Designed, specifically for the iPad, the award winning app allows the user to pan, tilt and dim RCL luminaires using intuitive gestures. The setup is simple, with a user friendly interface allowing spotlights to be quickly added to the app’s library, the Light Table.

Light Plans allow spotlights to be added to an imported vector diagram of the installation, where fixtures can be positioned precisely in the scene. Multiple installation areas can be imported allowing the user to effectively oversee and manage the entire project.

Alter the intensity of the installation using iDirect’s dim function, which allows the user to alter the dim levels of all spotlights within a single area from one central location.

One of iDirect’s most useful functions, Scenes, allows lighting schemes to be quickly created, saved and recalled from the app. Spotlights can be individually positioned in pan and tilt and their position can then be saved in Scenes for future use. 

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