Christie's Auction House London

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In 1766, James Christie opened the London auction house and launched the world's first fine art auctioneers and the reputation has grown ever since. Christie's holds a wide range of art including paintings, prints, sculpture, books and manuscripts, jewellery, furniture and decorative arts.

Lighting is a key part of bringing the famous salerooms up to date. With constantly changing collections, it is necessary to have a contemporary flexible lighting system that can be easily operated. With thousands, if not millions, of pounds at stake in a highly competitive market, it is crucial that from fine art to furniture, sale items are literally shown in their best light.

In 2008, Christie's opened its newly refurbished galleries and RCL were approached to supply lighting as part of the renovation. The brief specified a product that could fit within a ceiling trough just 200mm wide. RCL worked in conjunction with Christie's to produce a new product - the DR8. The light was designed and manufactured in just four months and 586 pieces were installed and operating on time. In addition to a reduced 'turning circle', the DR8 also offers excellent glare control and is controllable by RCL's handheld remote controller, DMX or DALI.

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