Cacharel Boutique Paris

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    Wilmotte & Associés

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At the end of 2006, Cacharel opened a new store on Rue Bonaparte in Paris. The main goal of the creative team led by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, was to obtain an airy atmosphere where each piece of clothing and accessory has its own vital space to "breath". The boutique is divided into two levels of 600 m2: a ground floor and an upper floor including an atrium with views of the floor below. The lights are used in a minimalist style to direct all the attention to the merchandise.

The narrow but high window space at the centre of the store proved a problem to light due to difficult access issues. The solution was DR2 spotlights to provide accent lighting that could be regulated and positioned for each area. A combination of track and monopoint-mounted DR2s were used to produce a simple yet effective design across the store.

The great advantage of the DR2 in this store is its complete flexibility: position and light intensity can be changed in a matter of minutes. This gives the in-house visual merchandising team a powerful and effective tool, and greatly reduces the cost of external contractors.

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